What is really important for us?

Those who have read the previous pages, have become acquainted with some familiar monotheistic writings, but also confronted with new points of view, whose truthfulness cannot be ascertained by anyone.

These statements give us a picture of a loving Creator, who, understandably is a loving God and who has no wish to send us into destruction or to make us undergo unnecessary trials or punish us unnecessarily. Rather, we can see a God who wants to lead us into the realm of love, freedom and life. This is the reason why I want to pass these things on. Before I met Jens, I had already occupied myself intensely with the things which happen here on Earth and had already sought for understanding as to what was happening between people. My old home page, minimalreligion.de and eigenverantwortlich.de prove this. I was able to confirm, that all that which Jens spoke of was the same as that which I had in the meantime also discovered. For example, Jens was the only friend who I could speak to about manifold networks to which people had secretly bound themselves into obedience. He was the only person I knew who I could talk to about people in our immediate vicinity, who did nothing out of their own conviction, but who acted only in the service of these networks. It became clear, that I also had evidence that these networks have spiritual components and that these components are identical to the really powerful, namely Satan.

Jens's naming of the loving Creator corresponded with the core of what I wanted to express through the words 'the soul of the Universe 'in minimalreligion.de .All other descriptions and names would have been ambiguous. Except the fact that according to Jens, the loving Creator does not rule over the whole of the universe. This question surely makes a huge difference, but still doesn't touch on that which was actually important for me. The description of the loving Creator, is precisely that which I want: the connection to Him who has created all and which is clearly fought against by the powerful of the Earth with their God, but what I love. That is the reason why I am passing on all that I have heard. I speak in unison with Jens when I say that you don't have to believe everything which I have said here. These stories build towards a good understanding for that which is happening on the Earth. If you want to understand more about the terrible conspiracies on Earth (and you will probably experience even more terrible things in the next years) then you may remember these words and understand much more.

But this is not yet important today

What is then important (important from our point of view?)
Important is love which we bring towards all the creatures of this Earth. It is important to avoid all false idolatry services to all the fallen angels and every type of esoteric Hocus-Pocus. Important is to understand the complete isolation through which have been lead in society and begin to break through it. Today we are barely able to harvest anything by which we could survive. We buy everything from supermarkets and do not worry about our parents, expecting the state or the pension to take this on. We don't have to worry about being responsible for our misfortunes as the social state will take care of this. We are intimately bound into the economic and state systems who in return control us and give us the illusion that we will die if the possibility of money exchange is taken away from us.

The compulsory chip, which is looming on the horizon( more about this in chip.htm) as it is described in the book of Revelation regarding the ' mark of the beast' can only happen if man is cut off from life, from friends, from animals and the plants which nourish us .
The brave decision, despite pending enforcement, NOT to take the chip, will be to unite oneself with all the creatures of the Earth. We will have to look for the remaining people on Earth and begin to share, plant crops and then together with plants, animals and men, live in a community wanted by God.

There is also the promise that our loving Creator will not let us down if we are not able to feed and shelter ourselves properly and if we turn to him in our need. This consciousness is important for the survival of our souls. As said, if it is really serious, we will all become spiritual and pray to God (anyone, the next best or the most well-known). These words will give you a guideline for deciding to look for the direction of the connection.

Perhaps you know a better God than that who created the Earth out of love. That is your own free decision. I know of no other more convincing offer amongst all the spiritual offers which I have come to know. I know of no other religious community which can convince me more with their God. I personally pray every day to this loving Creator or God which I also call him (knowing full well that the name "God" can have many meanings, I mean explicitely him, who created the plants, animals and man out of love). I think that this is a help for my inner orientation and I imagine that it makes me happier and more secure as well as giving me protection. I would recommend this. But this is not the pressing point for the moment. You might unfortunately begin to pray because of the pending outer circumstances.

Essentially, it is the inner orientation towards love and the keeping a distance from the evil spirits.
In this matter then, it makes sense, to become acquainted with freemason and satanic symbols, to see where we are being deviated in order to connect with bad things. Keep away from all fraud and deceptions!

  • This applies to all religions which obey simple logic and which have been manipulated by Satan for his own means. If you know a bit about symbols then you will be astounded at how much satanic symbolism there is in nearly every European church. It becomes very ominous if you look up 'itccs' concerning satanic rituals in churches.
  • This also concerns just about all esoteric movements. I know not one which has distanced itself from fallen angels or denies practices involving connections to fallen angels. The esotericists are not wrong when they warn about being too interested in the dark forces which can in fact strengthen these. But they deny contriving their own knowledge from networks run by the powerful and miss-using this power for their own purpose. If it is difficult enough to distinguish among the people on Earth as to whether they are good or bad, how difficult this must be to distinguish through 'channeling' whether a spiritual being is good or evil.
  • Our earlier identification paper had a definite satanic symbol, for instance a symbol for Baphomet. Our present identity card has a chip with no outward sign from which we can read that corresponding messages are embedded. Many legal documents, that we have to draw, contain contracts which tap into remote referenced documents and bind us in a bad way. People who have given back there ID's and left the system have noticed that they have a better relationship to themselves and God. We have to admit that we are bound against our wills in a magical and manifold way.

We have today no chance to keep away from this force without suffering many deprivations. That would only be possible if all people would deny theses forces and so overthrow the powerful. But this is not the case. So at the moment the decisive factor is that they want to chip us.
At the present it makes sense, to prepare by building reserves of food and seeds. By building communities with agriculture for later times and by hoarding gold and silver to tide us over.
It makes sense to leave the big cities where it is easier to force the citizens into doing things. We can ease the results of these actions in the physical.
Whoever understands that at this moment the connection to the creator will be taken from him forever, that he has a soul which lives beyond the physical and will be subjected to the 'battery chicken' life, will look for the connection to the loving Creator and will sacrifice his life rather than let himself be chipped. Whoever is able to resist the chip and keep himself out of the evil system will enter into a relationship with the loving Creator on this disintegrating Earth. I know this may awful but that is what will happen.

The Chapter 20.5 in Exodus, the Catholic translation' you should not bow down to other Gods and worship or serve them'. It is notable that in the Luther Bible the duties to serve him are not mentioned. This could be an indication that the commitments within the networks which the powerful adhere to, would stem from a spiritual background. I do not know one place in the Bible where God demands commitments. He asks now and then for something but He never expects a commitment. So we can assume, that any spiritual connection which contains commitments, leads us away from the loving Creator and is a sign that this may be connection is with fallen angels. By the Yom Kippur festival of the Jews, an evening prayer is read with an explanation, that all promises and vows of the guests present are null and void.

I assume, that for the destructive crusade, which the powerful elite drives against this earth, the commitment for obedience and secrecy are the most important elements. Those elements make it possible, that mankind will be guided to harm itself and to act massively against their own interests

As I have said already in eigenverantwortlich.de/gesetz.htm, there are no absolute laws, beside the laws of nature. Following this, vows are nothing else but an arrangement between two or more beings.
The ignorance of laws and commitments will have consequences for the psyche of the soul of the ignoring person. Furthermore this ignorance can cause sanctions by the community or by the aggrieved persons.
If a vow binds a person to evil ghosts and obliges this person to execute crimes, which in addition shall occur in the occult, so the community should more be interested in dissolving this vow. And this is in the same manner in the interest of our loving creator, who probably initiated the mentioned ritual at the Yom Kippur festival to dissolve those evil obligations. I usually am not pleased by rituals. I am sure, that this ritual is not necessary to free one self from those evil obligations. Simple asking our loving creator for shelter and help will be enough to free one self and deserve shelter. Some people have bound to this dark spirituality just by those evil vows and by this done exactly, what the first law of the exodus have warned not to do.

As said the promise of our loving creator is communicated, that he will accompany and save one if he breaks such evil vows. A human, who was involved deeply in such secrecies and crimes, will surely be in danger for life, if he goes this way. But beyond this (and there is something known) the human and spiritual partners of those vows will not be able to act against this person, if he searches for shelter at our loving creator. Some examples are reported about persons, who indeed have separated from darkest conspiracies, who have searched for help by our loving creator and who have survived.

Accordingly the soul of a human is free and superior to such bindings. Under absolute no circumstances I want to encourage anyone to play with this. I am seriously warning to do any vows, which obligate someone for the future against other humans or ghosts. I only want to say: Who really wants to escape and change to the side of the love, he will obtain support. Nobody can be urged to stay in the dark with his soul or do do destructive crimes on demand.

Jens recommends for everyone who comes into dialogue with him, to ask for forgiveness from all people and other beings who one has done anything to. It is enough, to recall in memory what one has done, immerse oneself in the other and develop a deep compassion for the feelings of the other. This feeling of regret opens the possibility of a new connection to all beings. He recommends remembering acts of violence against plants and to ask for their forgiveness. Plants have sensitive souls. There are stories which prove that plants remember acts of violence against them and behave differently in this presence compared to the presence of people who love them.

In the same way, it is also liberating to forgive all people who have done something harmful to you. This doesn't refer to just swallowing harmful things and Jens recommends turning the other cheek only for a span of time so that it cannot be hit .Mainly, it concerns not harboring grudges and vendettas. These bind us to unnecessary energies and isolate us from loving beings. If we incorporate all the things which have been mentioned under this heading of what is important then we will no longer have need or a religion or having further beliefs. The previous page have made this easily understandable, you need no belief in order to establish this connection.
I hope that this thought fills you with happiness. I hope that you can find a way to connect with the loving Creator and all the creature and people of this Earth. I hope you are able to resist the implantation of the chip which is a sign of the beast and are able to be representatives for the worlds of love seeking reunion with the loving Creator.
This all of course in freedom. Every human being is free to decide with whom he converses and binds himself to. I hope that these pages have been a source of joy for you and I wish you a joyous day with love.


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