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On this page, I would like to report without using the continuous conjunctive, some of the stories which Jens told me.
The meeting with Jens was the main cause for my turn from an Agnostic to an almost believing person who now seeks the connection to all the dear creatures of this Earth and to their loving Creator. Previously, I wasn't inclined to follow the thoughts that spiritual beings influence matters on the planets (for the good or for the worse). I will comment further on this theme on this page.
The came into being without the influence of Jens Gordon. On the whole home page (, I try to write all that I have experienced from Jens and can stand behind all that has been said despite not having supersensible abilities.
The following contents of this page however consists of statements which are difficult to believe and which I am repeating from memory. The images move our perspective of the Earth and from our Christian tainted viewpoint, into another light. These statements allow us to see more sense and logic in the events which are happening on the Earth. That is the reason why I want to make these statements. I cannot testify to the correctness of these statements.

Jens has seen that for 35 million years a war has been waging between good and evil forces who are interested in in the welfare of our souls. To understand what an evil force is, we can imagine that these forces are the same which also want the cooping up of chickens in batteries. These forces also influence the souls of men, when it could promise some form of advantage for them. The same applies for senseless wars for anyone (also senseless for the initiators thereof despite their own interests) and for the obligation which these spirits enforce upon people to force them into religious or evil deeds. This applies to torture, exploitation and humiliation which these beings apply without necessity on other beings.
The word evil is neither an absolute nor a quantity. One could say 'less useful'. No healthy person who carries a spark of love within himself could want such a thing. Good beings are those who want to be of use for all beings and have an interest in the wellbeing of all beings.
I am no absolute pacifist. I would not exclude the possibility that good beings could exert or allow force if this was the only way to stop evil forces from prevailing. But the wellbeing of those which do not consciously take part in destruction and wounding is the central concern of those which I would call 'good'. We can see them in connection to love, for instance loving your neighbour.
Many may think this is black and white thinking. The evil force which I am talking about on our planet can be seen very easily at the present. It can only be described as 'black' which the mighty are promoting. The same it is for which the Wahhabists let themselves be pulled into and the fascists in Odessa led to burn their unarmed opponents and let the men behind get away with it. Read the to see what happened and the try to speak of ,grey shades'.

The said war between loving and evil people has been waging for a long time in more than one galaxy. On a planet in another galaxy, our loving creator also abided and on that planet there was no hope of more room for loving beings as these were explicitly followed and fought against in the same way that we on this Earth can experience.
Our loving Creator made his way with many good souls through the universe in order to make a new life in love possible.
In order to gain more energy for this mission, he stopped on his way through more galaxies to win new comrades. Satan was also among them, at that time, a good and amiable fellow. Maybe he was just so cunning that our loving creator was not aware of him? He came from a planet where all life had already been destroyed by excessive damage.

They then came to the Solar system and created the Earth as had never been done before. They created all the life on Earth.
If it was in seven days or whatever days they were, is of no great matter. There are however a great many pointers that the story of evolution as the only means of how one cell developed into the human being is not necessarily the reality. Jens suggests that the majority of humans were originally very similarly created from the very beginning with the human form. The land masses were originally joined together so that the picture of a disc surrounded by water would have made sense.

The picture of Adam and Eve in paradise, consolidates the statements which Jens makes. The tree of knowledge was planted for Adam and Eve by our Creator. Adam and Eve were not mature enough, especially in the brain area. The fruits of the tree of knowledge were also not ripe because these were at the same stage of development as were Adam and Eve. The unripe fruits contained tannic substances which can influence the maturing of the brain. Adam and Eve were then not able to reach a certain neurological maturity and so were not able to develop their full spiritual potential which our Creator had intended for them. God wanted to create them in his own image. Can you imagine which unforeseen forces and power we humans would have had if this had been given to us? There is talk of outer terrestrial beings who are not human but who are superior to us. Whoever thinks that this is all rubbish should look on YouTube at the 'pyramid lie'. These videos are self-explanatory and reveal to us that the normal explanations are as much a possibility as what these also reveal.
This story shows further, that Adam and Eve did not commit an evil deed, rather a stupidity which had fatal consequences for the Earth. Jens states that Adam and Eve actually had no chance against the single minded purpose which Satan had for them, being to hinder any possibility of our dear Creator establishing his kingdom of love here. As from this time, there was no chance for mankind anymore. To speak more clearly, this chance was given and indeed could still be to this day if the people would acknowledge their responsibility and if only a small part of humanity would resolve to apply love in the world. I am speaking here of the force which love, intelligence and resolve from a small minority would bring against the millions of humans on Earth.

Not only Satan turned against the Creator, but also Archangels who travelled with. These beings stormed against the original arrangement with our Creator and followed their own interests. Jens calls these the 'fallen angels'. Also as ,swooping vulture angels' as they are destructive and damaging on their flight. But the Creator does not interfere in these matters on Earth. As it reads in the bible: if Satan had so much power, all the fallen angels would have to obey him. This vulnerability of the fallen angels is furthermore the consequence of their turning away from the loving Creator, who then cannot protect them. If they would ask for forgiveness, they could return to the kingdom of the loving Creator.
Fallen angels can be likened to a man without a body with very specific qualities. But because of being bound to the bad forces, a fallen angel cannot accompany a human being to peace. Fallen angels, under the pressure from Satan and following their own interests, will do anything to ensure that human beings are kept apart from their loving Creator.
Following this point of view, the first commandment in the bible had another meaning. It was not about jealousy, as it stands in the bible, rather about the distance to all earthly spirit beings being a prerequisite in living in love with all the creation, plants and animals. Satan would give anything to destroy this love and neither humans nor the fallen angels would have the power to work against this disorder. The first of the Ten Commandments would be good advice for a life in love. Before I knew Jens, I interpreted the first rule in the sense of a German saying, that when searching for help, one should better go to the blacksmith himself (German: "Schmied") rather more than to go to the scholar of the blacksmith (German: "Schmiedel"). Probably this is meant with the first commandment. The guidance and help of our loving creater often may be not so spectacular and visible, as the miracles, fallen angels may provide. But it is the better guarantee for success on the long term.
Jens states that the majority of angels have turned away from the Creator, are the fallen angels. This doesn't mean that that they have the majority of power. The fallen angels are not wantonly evil, they act ,stupid or ,evil' like a human who, despite the first commandment, allows himself to be drawn into the magic of some or other esotericism and unites himself with these beings. He withdraws from the loving Creator and does not see what consequences this brings. But these ,stupid 'angels and humans don't have to be determined to share the abyss of evil with Satan. The "bad one" (Satan) may have some support from those fallen angels and from the humans, who have turned away from our loving creator. But only rarely he will find strong combatants, who support him with his very own silly targets. The angels on the side of our loving Creator have proved their loyalty and steadfastness against the temptation of ,doing their own thing'. On the other hand the common goal of Love, the love to all creation, one goal which each being can automatically share and so create a common force. Most of the angels on the Creators side would give everything to bring love to the Earth.

Jens states: Our loving Creator does not accept any conditions or contracts. No one, who stands in connection with the Creator will enter any contracts or bind themselves with conditions. This doesn't mean that there are no conditions for a union. Whoever damages another creature, or exploits, binds himself in the same way as those who bind themselves to fallen angels. This is something which happens in him who does this, as he then binds himself to something which begins to lead him. This bond can be kept alive through convention, force or fear. No loving connection can exist from this moment.
Of course, each of us can hurt another person and for that there is forgiveness. Through asking for forgiveness we are able to heal the damaged relationship to other people and creatures. Also if we regret something earnestly we are able to reunite with this connection. We can also ask forgiveness from the plants, animals and people which we have been disdainful to, through coldness or hate and make it clear that we will not behave so in the future. The person who behaves heartlessly, loses the connection to the Creator and will receive many offers from the fallen angels regardless how conscious this may be.
It has nothing to do with conditions. We will not find these with the loving Creator.
Each religion, that sets conditions, does not lead to the loving creator but to the fallen angels. The church taxes alone prove that our churches cannot lead us to the Creator.

In the following hundreds and thousands of years, the Bible describes mainly stories that could have happened. It might not have always been our loving Creator the 'God' who accompanied the people of Israel. Other spiritual beings are also able to create miracles even though the power of the Creator on Earth is hopefully stronger (for which there are many pointers).
All names that are given for 'God' in the Bible can be avoided for the sake of simplicity and it would be it would simpler not to know so exactly how everything actually happened. More meaningful for our statement is that the people of Israel are not identical with the Jewish people, rather, that the lost races of Israel in reality, scattered over the whole world and have formed the most part of the European, American and partly also the Asiatic populations. The statement in the Bible that God id the God of the Israelis, is grounded in with the statement that the Israeli folk is made up out of the souls which our Creator brought to the Earth. (A hall full of souls). On the other hand, the souls of the Chinese people or the Indians stem from other galaxies. Following this, our loving creator would accompany the descendants more vigorously which does not mean that would be any hostility towards other races and tribes. Furthermore, the offer to belong to the Folk of Israel would be valid for all people on Earth who live in love with all the creatures and had no connection with other spiritual beings. There are a number of good videos in internet with this theme from the Jewish Christian point of view which give definite pointers in this context.
Jens sees his mission, among other things, to bring the lost tribes of Israel together. Obvious is, that all the named Tribes have monothestical religions. Which tell their followers to worship the loving Creator abiding by rituals, pictures and beliefs, which have nothing to do with this and fight against each other. (Christians, Muslims, Jews). We would be in this view, a people who were originally bound to the loving Creator. That this relationship is damaged in the monothestical religions is very obvious.

Jens told me a lot and I have, I am sure not remembered everything. I hope that these have been the most important details. On the whole, the stories from the Bible are added to. That doesn't mean that I have more proof of these statements.
But there are many reasons why I want to spread this story. We are speaking here about the 'flying pigs', from the quality of the said: On the one hand, these stories show us why the loving creator "allows" certain terrible things on Earth to happen. These stories would explain the boundaries of his power which ends there where a majority of beings decide of their own free will whether to enter into terrible deeds and strengthen these by uniting with terrible spirits.

With these descriptions in mind and reading the book of Revelation again and I repeat, it could be false, in some details, could have a new impression of what has been written. I will say no more. Please do not believe Revelation wholly, but the things basically similar to that, which are written there, according to Jens, are awaiting us in the near future on Earth.
Whoever thinks about what the mighty Satanists have in store for us as alternatives, where the Earth is headed for, will understand the promises of the Apocalypse as hope rather than darkness. Who understands how the powerful want to implant microchips to enslave us. How they erect 'concentration camps' (fema-camps) and destroy the freedom of press. How they go against the will and interest of the people to spread war in the near East, in the Ukraine and in other regions which are already at war. How with wahhabitic Islam, all other beliefs are made subservient. Please visit the to see what happens to souls who are lured into strange space ships.

There is a sad hope that, should people want to follow the loving Creator. This is sadly also a hope, when people who want to follow our loving Creator are promised that all this that they have to go through will come to an end and they will enter a new world where without these terrible beings.


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