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And with Him, who created the Earth and all the beautiful creatures out of love

The three great monotheistic religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) state that they worship the one and only God who created the animals, Man and the whole World. All three religions recognize the existence of further spiritual beings who let themselve be worshipped as God. Furthermore each of these three religions acknowledges that they worship the same God as the others.

If there is only one God who created this Earth, why do we need different Gods names for God and so many religions? The great monistic religions all warn about the fallen Angels and Satan. There are many people who consciously nurture the contact to these fallen spiritual Beings and to Satan. If we consider it possible that spiritual beings can work actively, this could be an indication for the possibility of the destructive work of these beings on Earth. Psychologically seen, we can presume that damaging influences on society are caused through the destructive religious and spiritual values which live within these streams. It is incontestable that the worldwide elite and power holders are bound into shady spirituality and can influence the great religions through their own networks. There are many pointers showing a spirituality which lives in a massive contradiction to the teachings of the Bible. In the case of Christianity, I am speaking about the high festivals which knowingly in their wording and rituals are dedicated to other Godheads. The holy cult, the many images of the saints or from Jesus, from the cross which is a torture and murder weapon and quite reasonably may not be regarded as a positive symbol. The Bible knows almost no symbol for God and in the book of Revelation, the worship of wooden figures is seen as a sign of blindness and turning away from God. Can it be that the simple citizen should be removed from something and in this way become bound to a darker spirituality? If God created the plants, animals and man so that they are complexly interconnected with the other to sustain life, could it be that this godly connection with all which nourishes us, be destroyed to bring us into dependency and subservience and to estrange us from where we come from (from God who created us from love and all our brothers and sisters and all creatures )?

Atheism and agnosticism, which are the refusal to take on a certain belief or religion would then be a meaningful attitude to stay close to our Creator, fellow man and creatures of the Earth rather than to follow religions and spiritual beings which do not have the wellbeing of the creation in their interest. If you do not want to believe in a loving Creator or any other Gods I would not want to discourage you. Even if I don't like Marx at all, his quote; 'Religion is opium for the people' hits the nail on the head for all that has been spoken above. In this case I would suggest that you take the following statements in as much as they are relevant to you and remember them for a time when they might be useful to you. Consider my suggestions as you would when reading a fantasy book or watching a science fiction film. Science- fiction films, by the way , like many other films out of the Scientology-manufacture of Hollywood can have far reaching spiritual meaning which can be taken over into a subtle learning process. Consider how many value and spiritual systems can be conveyed through the different Media. How do these stories comply with our basic understanding of life? How do people treat each other in these stories? Which values do the 'heroes 'of these stories embody and reveal? Spiritual and ethical values can also be presented to people without a conscious spirituality.

I personally have the following standpoint:
If someone says to me 'pigs can fly', my first question would be: which quality does that have? Is it something good or harmful? The second question would be: if this can even be true. If I can imagine flying pigs as belonging to the first question about the quality, then I can't leave the second question to my understanding because I have never seen pigs fly but it doesn't mean that they can't. In our world, people handle spiritual questions exactly the other way around. Some undertake some fatal action, fascinated by the workings of the 'unbelievable' while others don't even notice the dangers coming from the first group because they don't believe in 'flying pigs' anyway and don't ask the first question about the quality of the statement. Don't believe me straight off. Try to judge my suggestions in terms of the quality of what I have written.

I recently held a conversation with a brave Turkish man who describes himself as an Atheist. This poor man was held in prison for nine days, enduring hunger and being beaten because of his political convictions. During these days, he prayed; 'if there really is a God, then let him lead me out of this situation!' I don't know if and which God heard him but his father who was politically active, managed to get him out of prison. We can see from this example that people, who have no faith, can turn to the spiritual for help when they find themselves in great need.

Now we can naturally pose two questions:

  • How would a God find it (irrelevant of the question, which God or which spiritual being, if it should exist at all), was only turned to for help when there was a serious need? With the picture which I have of our dear Creator, he would not be influenced by the attitude with which I had previously carried within me and would therefore not desert me. It would play a more important role for him, how this person has been towards other creatures and his fellow man. Whether he has been a loving, kind person or inconsiderate towards those around him. In the case of our brave Turk, I would hope for the benevolence of our Creator towards him, firstly because he had been responsible (and therefore loving) in his actions to the world around him and secondly because he had refused until then to worship any further spiritual beings. Also, if there had been inhuman deeds and spiritual errors beforehand (for instance, worshipping further spiritual beings, aiding them therefore in their destructiveness), our dear Creator, as I imagine him and as it also has been partially reported, would be prepared to forgive.
    But this forgiveness is only possible if the person, who has turned to him, asks for this and is prepared to acknowledge his former actions as having been false and for the future never to repeat these. There is a difference between forgiveness and tolerance.
    Our dear creator would not bring any tolerance towards the damaging behavior for one reason alone; to protect all the other creatures and humans who suffer under the destruction of these hate-filled beings
  • The other and even more decisive question is; with which God would the Atheist or the Agnostic come into contact with in speaking to him for the first, or after a very long time? Until now he knows the connection to a God from a characterised religious environment from which he has turned away for very good reasons. He had presumably recognised the falseness of religiousness in his culture. It may be presumed that he turns then to this very God and religious falsehood which he recognised and units himself with this. We will see later that also within the monotheistic religions this certainly doesn't have to be the loving Creator. I presumably need not explain what kind of help such a spirit would then give to a suffering person. Principally, it is thinkable that such a spirit stands in close connection to the tormentors of the victim. The person in need of help would then be seeking help from the very spirits who are tormenting him.

Often, even believers cannot imagine that there are other spiritual beings that have an influence on the Earth. Yet it is postulated in almost all religions. Until recently, I was an Agnostic. I did not want to exclude a spiritual reality but because of being led astray by mistaken religious lines, I refused to acknowledge these. I had seen quite clearly that the destruction of this earth has mainly been brought about by human beings who quite clearly live a very dark religious life. But the thought that this religiousness could not only be a psychological misleading of humans through humans themselves but also a leading by dark spirits themselves was until then foreign to me. Here we arrive at the infamous conspiracy theories whose origins I don't want to go into. The information about the religions of high society and the wealthy elite are available in all media and can no longer be dismissed from the hand. Relevant thinking to understand and compare is necessary if we don't want to deny it. If these elite are Jewish or not is of no importance for their actions have nothing to do with the actions or the interests of the Jewish people. This is just mentioned as a side-line. In the Bible, Satan is described as the most deceitful of the deceivers. His passion it is to break connection with the loving Godhead and mislead us. What could be closer than to lead us to a religion which fore mostly praises God but in which all kinds of rituals and statements are contained which subtly lead us into worshipping the deceiver himself. There are indications in the Bible, that, depending on the book, different "Gods" would take over the role of the one and only God. It is probably not that easy, that the God of the Old Testament is a different God to that of the New Testament. We will probably often not know which God is really meant in the respective book. As in the two further monistic religions, this may very well be true, we have to suppose that there is much truth in this according to the two further monistic religions but we know that unknown forces have an interest in these suppositions. In the case of the Old Testament and the Torah, we know that the Pharisees have had a great influence. We know for instance, how Jesus of Nazareth regarded them. The present day Bible was written or compiled by Caesar Constantine. We know that he wanted to cement his power which he was not able to contain against the spreading of early Christianity. The usurpations of the Pope are in themselves legion. The present Vatican, as well as the ceremonies of the great catholic churches abounds with insults regarding the biblical teachings. The depiction of saints and Jesus is explicitly against the second prohibition (not to make an image of God). In the Revelation it is made quite clear that these artefacts estrange us from our loving Creator. If it is correct that in Judaism, in Christianity and Islam, the description of 'Other Gods' is put in the place of the one God, which believers expect, this would show how difficult it is to find a real connection to the Creator within the religions. This confusion must not mean that this Got does not exist. On the contrary, it could be an indication to how determined efforts are made to stop our union to the loving Creator. The pursuit of this could be the very proof of our loving Creator against whom these other beings rebel.

Personally, I have been involved in these processes for many years and have been active in the peace movement, always considering how we can change our situation. In most conversations I have experienced, there is a low level of interest in these questions because people are afraid of human degradation.
Principally I respect the right of every person not to answer a question. They should however not avoid asking the question because they are afraid that the answer might be the reality which they would then have to confront. I will discuss later how the loving union with the creator and all creatures can be the source of grounded hope and joy and open attitude, which allows us to engage fearlessly with these realities. Before doing this, allow me to take a look at the darker aspects of these realities.

With the question of the power of spiritual beings (God, Spirits, Satan, fallen angels, Gods, extra-terrestrial, or whatever) there is a logical reasoning: If these beings do not exist, then everything which happens on Earth comes from Man and at the most, this would have psychological implications namely, that these beings would be described as part of the inner human nature.
If these spiritual Beings, however do exist, follow their own interests and through their invisible omnipresence, influence the conscious and unconscious life of Man and exert a huge power projection, then these would be 'wearing the trousers' on this Earth and the reality would not be explainable without the knowledge of these beings. Everything which happens on this Earth would be the result of the workings of these spiritual beings or at least influenced by them. Even religious people are not aware of the far reaching consequences of these workings. But it would be idiotic to refuse confronting these spiritual questions for the sake of keeping up our own human interests. Every effort to improve our situation can only happen if we engage with our real enemies and not only with the actions of our fellow man.
What I am describing is also the logical consequence if we take the teachings of the Jews, Muslims and Christians seriously. Whoever assumes that there is one creator God and that there are enemy Gods against him and whoever claims that God is the main power of this Earth would logically also have to acknowledge the presence of the adversary spiritual beings.

In 2014, I personally came to the conviction that the wars in the Ukraine and all the fighting in Erdogan's new 'Ottoman Empire' , the Saudis and on the IS, was a result of the workings of the same beings who have declared the march route on our political representatives at all the Bilderberg meetings and in other circles. I can no longer believe, in the face of this pending lunacy, that this alone comes from intelligent; extremely goal orientated human beings who have been following their own line of interests over generations. The explanation from the left sector calling this 'Capitalism' as the result of thousands of greedy industrialists united into a so-called 'military industrial complex' is in my opinion, no satisfactory answer.

The detective question 'Qui Bono', i.e. which interests are being followed here, begins to make sense when we move into the spheres of spiritual beings. What happens here does not happen for the good of humans. Not even the mightiest could profit from the present pending insanity. The pending presence of a third World war, the spreading of stupid Fascism and hostility cannot be answered anymore through economy. The mightiest and those who have everything already, can no longer be offered or claim more earthly advantages. The description of Satan in the bible and his intentions fit to the descriptions written above.

The most important conclusion from this possibility would be that all the wars on Earth, the exploitation and estrangement from each other and from that which nourishes us are not profit-based but that the primary interest of the mighty on this Earth is aimed at our souls. These want to loosen the bond to our loving creator and creatures and use our souls to their own means.
The mightiest people on Earth (the high finance, families like the Rothschild's or the Rockefellers) live far more modestly than many Greek ship owners, royalty or Saudi princes. They could live much more ostentatiously then they do. At the moment, believers and esotericists from different religions and spiritual directions report that the time has come now when our souls are going to decide in which spiritual direction and with which 'God' it is going to unite itself with. The space ships which came to 'save our souls' can be found on YouTube.
I have no idea how a mighty spiritual being might make use of a soul. I can though, verify that the story of a 'sold soul 'which seems to have a 'market value' can be found everywhere. There are many videos to be found wherein Pop- Stars claim to have sold their soul to Satan, who carry satanic symbols on themselves and then die young. David Bowie left a dark picture of his inner world in his last music video "Black Star". Is this all just fantasy? Does this just serve to push up the sales just because the fans want this all? Or is it in reality, that in this world of public visibility, only in very rare cases can commitment , creativity and uprightness be reached through human achievement ?. Rather, that this is achieved by engaging with other, bad forces to whom one can sell one's soul to. The direct selling of one's soul is only a kind of sport. Betrayal on the voters through destructive politics or economic power is also a sport-game which can be considered as selling of the soul.

The most bewildering thing for me, an open-ended agnostic, who for years has conversed with all sorts of esotericists and religious movements is the following: Even though I do not accept any religious 'authentic Report' to be "God's Word" and still think that all religious writings have been manipulated to turn the meanings into wanton influences, I still have the impression that all reports from people who say that they speak with spiritual beings, all describe a common reality. It is not so that the one would say to the other; 'your God does not exist, your beliefs have been pulled out of thin air" There is still a lot of fighting, but the religious people who involve themselves in the teachings of other religions, often quote from them as well. I was amazed how esoteric people explained their "reality" of the Apocalypse in the Bible and also from the Apocrypha. They even called themselves Christians and had no problems with so called other 'Gods'.
It is also amazing, that the Satanist also understands his God to be the Anti-Christ. In many you tube videos they hatefully curse the Creator God and Jesus of Nazareth or scorn him with unexpected emotionality. This Satan God and his followers have apparently gained all political power in the World which has also been described for our times in the Bible. But it is satisfied with the name Anti-Christ and has a problem with another God. Who can this God be who makes the life of the mightiest God on Earth so difficult?

I myself have never had a Spiritual revelation and I am not necessarily seeking it either. I imagine that many people who describe their meeting with God, have actually come into contact with other spiritual beings because their reports are similar to those of esotericists who have come into contact with beings as well. Also, other spiritual beings might be in a position to create wonders and helping situations. When asked about the loving Creator, many esotericists avoid the question and in the way that they answer, acknowledge his existence but do not worship him.
The many efforts to show reverence for the Creator through inappropriate rituals as in the monotheistic religions, the conscious turning away from satanic rituals by the esotericists, all these methods point to the acknowledgement of the existence of the Creator who is then at the same time fought against or denied. And these widely laid on efforts against unifying with the loving Creator caused me to look for the meaning of a possible bonding with this being.

Until now, I have largely concerned myself with the negative aspects, I will now proceed to describe what led me to seek a loving union towards all plants, animals and humans and also to Him who created these and the whole Earth out of love.

This loving union exists out of an inner bearing, which will not separate me from the world, my relatives and close friends should a God not exist. It leads my focus to that which nourishes me and should be directly of use in my life. That would be for me the ultimate proof of every kind of spirituality. If a spiritual bearing was of no use for life and the life of my environment, independent of the question whether the spiritual beliefs therein contained were valid, I would question the quality of this spirituality. (Here we are back to the question of the "flying pigs").

On the grounds of my modest spiritual experiences, which I have never sought but which have come to me, I assume that I have a soul which exists beyond the confines of my body and I suppose that this soul has more intelligence, directness, consciousness and feeling capacities than many people are able to imagine if they contribute all of these abilities only to the brain. Let us leave the last question aside. Let us consider that our consciousness continues after death.

In this case it is quite clear that all the promises of the religions and esoteric speakers would make sense when they say that this is the time of decisions. We would decide where we would go with our souls after death. We could go to different Spiritual Beings or Gods. We could save ourselves by boarding a space-ship as some people describe. Like I said, my suggestion: don't say straight away that this is rubbish but ask yourself how these possibilities feel? Think about the Space Ship Enterprise, on Star Trek and the many other stories. On such a space ship we find a few, mostly good heroes and the rest of this huge ship is empty besides some slaves and soldier-like beings are scampering back and forth without any will of their own.

How would a space-ship have to look like so that you would prefer it to living on the Earth? When you have given yourself up to this (strange?) imagination, ask yourself, are these space ships really only made for a few or have they been made by cinema designers for the transport of raw materials or of souls.? These stories have a mystical touch don't they? What do they want to tell us? What do they want to acquaint us with? It is not necessary with this question to ask whether the physics of this ship is legitimate. The question is which pictures and spiritual figures will meet us after death? It is the question whether these pictures could have a meaning and intention behind them which at the present moment is unthinkable to us, but which will leads us to the places where the creators of those images want us to be?

Unanimously, spiritually interested people report that there are people who, after their death do not realise that they are dead but that the find themselves in an in-between world in which they cannot orientate themselves. People with dark spiritual intentions have told me of meetings during their astral journeys with these dead and that they have led them to the "light." The same people have told me that people with a spiritual direction during life, are able to orientate themselves more easily. I have to suppose that these people meant 'the light of Lucifer'. If these accounts are correct then it would be decisive as to which God or spiritual beings we would find at the end. From a unanimous viewpoint, the souls on the Earth would in this question, be free. For the souls without orientation, the situation would be more serious as they could be led to the 'light' or better said be 'led' on.

I know that this may sound strange but as soon as I assume that I live on beyond my physical life and furthermore, assume that those certain free choices can be made, it is clear that without engaging in these questions (or even fewer) I would not have any orientation. The evidence of the basic question of the orientation would be obvious. In this sense it is not important that you believe me at present or that you even believe me at all.(basically, I know nothing at all either). But if anything said should in fact be true, then an engagement with these questions could help to make an orientation in such a situation easier. It would be like receiving a map of a city which you never knew existed. If you arrived in such a city, even if it was unfamiliar to you, the map would be a help for orientation.

With all the confusion around the promises for a salvation for the afterlife, I would remind you of the promise to unite yourself with the loving Creator in order to enter into his Kingdom later. I mean the one loving Creator, who is NOT responsible for all the technology, weapons, wars, delusion and destruction. I mean the Creator, who created everything on earth, which is beautiful, sustainable, and the humans, who are not evil, if they are not intentionally seduced. Amongst all the promises all which are known to me, this promise seems to be the nearest and most beautiful. This is the reason, why I tell you of the God who created plants, animals and humans with love, of simply our loving Creator. This is no naming game. Naming games are the profession of the Anti- Christ (antagonist). On the contrary, this is the only description which is distinctive enough not to lead away from the One who has created the world with(nearly ) all its living beings.

Another reason, why I follow this promise can be found in about the last thirty pages of the Bible, in Revelation or the Apocalypse. I do not consider this book to be the whole truth of the 'Word of our loving Creator' although I take it seriously. It is more a book of hope than one which would frighten me.
In Revelation, it is stated that very few, who will be many, will reach the Kingdom of our loving Creator. To love our neighbours as ourselves as Jesus taught, is unique and does not appear in this form among the other religions. Respect for others is taught, but not the active engaging for the well-being of the other. People who refused to worship other Gods, who would have been forced and therefore rather went to their deaths, would then find their way into God's kingdom. Other religions take in their followers more easily. If you take into consideration that the Christian churches can lead one away from the loving Creator, then it would follow that our Creator cannot be found in any campaigning way on this Earth. On the contrary, the Bible mentions a 'Book of Life' in which people are already enlisted to Him during their lives. According to our descriptions, our loving Creator would be more selective as to the loving nature of the people and their resistance to the promises of other spirit beings than the amount of ritualistic offerings which might bring us into connection with Him. By the way, the connection to the loving Creator is free for all men. We decide, through love for our fellow man and through our connection to the whole of creation, whether we want to unite ourselves with this being. The 'book of Life' is in the process of being re-written.
If all the people who abide by these principals should arrive in God's Kingdom, then I cannot imagine how, with these people an evil world could be created. It seems more appropriate to think that there is a recruiting of these souls for a new world in which the influence of evil spirits cannot work as fatally as it does in this world.
Without knowing what really is awaiting me after death, it appears to me (again in the sense of the 'flying pigs') that to decide this way, among the many offers that there are available, even for unknowing and non-orientated people. Even without knowing this God who gathers these loving and imperturbable people to him, these are the people who I would want to live further with.

Figuratively speaking, we turn to this God when we decide to live in love for our fellow man irrespective of who this God actually is, we decide for Him when we choose to live in a community of people who care for each other.
This decision should hopefully not be unreasonable even if all that has been said about spirituality including my own explanations has been, so to speak sucked out of the thumb.

Is this not a beautiful picture; to unite with all these loving beings through this spiritual orientation?
I will not say anything to the fact that such spiritual orientations find a lot of resistance on Earth, is often scorned and fought against. That can be experienced by those that have chosen this way. That could also be why, in Revelation these can be so few who manage to stay on this path. At the same time is the confirmation for me, in the face of all the hostility, in the fight against loving people, against freedom and humanity, to recognise the rightness of taking this path.


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