An own Utilitarian Ethic of Love

It is one of the basic facts, that people, despite being indifferent, whether they are egotists or not, if they care for their fellow man and the creatures of the creation, can live happily and be more satisfied if they are living in a community in which ethical values are present, placing the well-being of all at the centre of their lives so that everyone can benefit from these advantages.
When egotistical people were asked whether they would rather live in an egoistical environment or in one which has the well being of everyone at heart, they would most probably chose the latter.

A society which is bent on damaging the weaker, enabling the aggressive and stronger members to gain power over the weaker, peace seeking people, has mainly losers and no normal person wants that. But this system in society is on the increase.
The reason this could spread so fast, lies in compulsion, secret behaviour and deception from very few. Possibly the whole force which leads to this way of being may be accredited to one Being only, namely Satan. Humans serving his causes cannot profit from for themselves without sickening , should they choose this path.

Most people are very afraid of the reality of looking the world wide conspiracy in the face. They are not prepared to enter into this thinking. I will not try to explain how we can percieve if it is a reality at all,. There are enough reference sources to research. Whoever closes their eyes before a pending car accident to protect himself from the looming disaster, chooses also to let go of the driving wheel. Only those who keep their eyes open have the chance to change the situation and even though the accident may be inevitable, seek a possibility to reduce the damage as much as possible. That is the subject matter here.
Whoever can admit, that the present state of the planet is due to a certain spiritual being, or if one doesn't want to enter in on this level, due to dark minded people united together, then possibilities of free deeds become visible which would not previously have been possible. I will state here quite clearly: either there is a worldwide disaster which has originated out of the badness of people without outside influence, or there is a worldwide conspiracy with a few who are responsible. If the latter is the case, then the powerful have a lot of responsibility for a great many things. They steer the media. They steer the world of culture. They massively influence our code of ethics, what is good and what is bad. They decide which music we listen to. They show us which people are to be our role models. They decide who manages an economic environment and who doesn't. If all this happens through contracts, secrecy and lies then it is clear that this house of cards can also be toppled by a gust of wind or a hearty slap down.
At the end of the day, all the people who are united in working for Satan, work against the whole of the creation, they even work against themselves, even when thinking that they will receive rewards for the bad deeds. Very few people however, have a genuine feeling that this is good. The majority of polititians, media people, and functionaries of parties or NGOs don't find it a good thing to turn against the Earth just because they may have, in their youth, sworn to do so, fearing that they may be out of the picture if they didn't go through with it. When we hear what some of the powerful have undergone by brain-washing in their youth in order to take up certain position later, then we can imagine that these people are among the most severe victims of the system.

And what has this to do with our ethical system?
This is simply that: Humanism tells us that there are natural laws for living together., which is nonsense! People (people and spiritual beings) give each other laws and abide by them or not. In the latter case, the laws are noise and smoke. Although the charter for the rights of man is a beautiful thing as are international rights, they have been createded by the mighty ' thinking-tanks' to produce the illusion of an interest for the common good. They adhere to these laws the least. They lead wars, which are not for the service of mankind. They organise exploitation which does not serve the purpose of economy but which intimidates and enslaves people right into their souls. This war which we experience on Earth is a war against our souls. At the end the goal is to estrange each from the other, to create emotional coldness and to make us subservient to those brutal forces.
Through television and cinema, completely different ethical values are subtly conveyed. The law of the strongest and the brutality of hatred. Advertising shows us that rich people are the interesting and desirable. Action videos tell us that a human being only counts when, under pain of death he can perform the most stupid tasks. Dance videos show us that accomplishment is all that counts . You will hardly find a dance video where someone actually dances according to his or her own feelings. You will hardly find a video where the relaxed movement speaks with inner beauty and grace. You will find slaves of accomplishment and their message is': hate and force are the real values'. Because the mass media plus advertising communication are one-sided, the media consumer learns that his or her opinions are meaningless. He or she learns that the media world is the only right one as he or she knows no other . This happens in the same way that the battery chickens only know their electric light and have never known the sunlight.

As sad as this all may be, the more joyous side of this knowledge is the message that, with very few people striving for another set of values, good and happy communities can come into being. The ethical religion upon which this community would be grounded would not be far from the Ten Commandments or the general humanitarian laws. It would hardly need any laws, because love and care for each other would govern. Civil courage, and a clear viewpoint would ignore the wealth and false beauty of the supposed powerful. The person with courage would refuse to be misled by the media and positive reports of the defrauders who support those networks. They would only support honest people who work for the common welfare. It would be impossible to elect an elite person from the group of deceivers within a political party, enabling him to make it possible to destroy the world.

Which for ourselves are the most important points?

  • We can see that there are no absolute ethical values. An ethical value can only live if all people, or at least a good number, support and live for these values, not leaving this task to the police, laws of court, or to a "one-world-organisation".
  • We can see that the target group of our actions cannot really be, the politicians and further mighty servants, who have already sold their souls to the bad one. We rather have to win the humans surrounding us, if we want to achieve something politically. The mere warnings for the compliance to any human rights are met with bemusement and considered harmless by the powerful. Only if we are able to wake up the citizen and pull the carpet from under the powerful who are constantly poisoning us, will we win their respect.
  • We can show civil courage when people behave inconsiderately and tell them so. We can withdraw all respect from the egoists and give it to good people. We can guide others as well to only give respect to good and authentic people, who care for the common welfare and to turn away from the influence of the media and their subtle communication of values.
  • We can be aware that we will have no real enemies on earth, when we advocate our values, as a system of values for the common welfare which would serve all people, including the ones being imprisoned in conspiracy. The present system is actually very fragile. People are also much better than could be imagined considering the present conditions in the world . If only a few would expose the deceptions and engage in humanitarian actions for the common welfare, the whole system would collapse and be turned into a world of love, and happiness. Even though this perfect swing will probably not succeed, because very few people are really brave, responsible and courageous , we can hope that the few who are prepared to devote themselves to love can help to lessen the suffering with the help of our loving Creator, bringing a hopeful future into sight. Every human being who devotes himself to love, who doesn't allow himself to be deceived by false prophets and who carefully looks for solutions and possibilities, has an immense power. The few dedicated, clever and loving people are a great blessing for this planet (and perhaps for other galaxies as well ;-)).


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